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Is This Torso From Love Island or Too Hot to Handle?

Photo: Vulture, Netflix and Hulu

Netflix’s latest dating show, Too Hot to Handle, has a shiny new premise: The contestants aren’t allowed to touch each other. In order to form more meaningful relationships, their contact is monitored by a voice-assistant device named Lana. Everything else … is pretty much Love Island. The lounge area, the shared bedroom, the dressing room, and, of course, the contestants all look a lot like they were plucked from the Love Island villa in the middle of the night.

Too Hot to Handle wants to put the focus on emotional connections, but at the end of the day, it’s still a show about hot people on a beach wearing awkward mic packs and trying to bone. Without the background, can you distinguish which gorgeous Instagram influencer body is from which show? Let the emotional connections guide you.

Is This Torso From Too Hot to Handle or Love Island?

How well do you know your reality dating shows?

Is This Torso From Love Island or Too Hot to Handle?