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Love Life Trailer: HBO Max Invites You to Watch Anna Kendrick Rom-com Her Way Through New York

Welcome to the glorious new frontier of even newer streaming television platforms, which are all competing to bring you different Anna Kendrick vehicles for some reason. Earlier this week, Quibi offered up the adventures of Anna Kendrick and a sex doll, and now HBO Max (coming this May!) is promising the adventures of Anna Kendrick and the great city of New York. In Love Life, she’s someone named Darby who spends her time searching for the one and dealing with people who keep pointing out that Darby is a funny name. She deserves to be loved for the little derp-de-derp that she is! And yet she isn’t. Will it all come together for Darby? The only way to find out is to get access to a new streaming service and start watching May 27.

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Love Life Trailer: Anna Kendrick Rom-coms Her Way Around NYC