Meg Stalter’s Next Hit Song Will Be About a Personal Meat Loaf

Thanks to the coronavirus, comedians are now trapped at home like the rest of us, so we decided that while we’re all self-quarantining, we’d do something a little different than our usual “Follow Friday” column. Instead of interviewing up-and-coming comedians we love on Twitter, we’re going live on Instagram every week to check in on some of our favorite people in comedy to get a firsthand look into how they’re handling the pandemic. So welcome to our new version of the column, now titled “Follow (From a Safe Distance) Friday.”

This week, I logged on with Meg Stalter (National Lampoon Radio Hour, Confronting Demons podcast, literally all over the internet — you can’t miss her) to chat about how she’s functioning in the midst of this pandemic. She explained how making content is keeping her spirits up, waxed poetic about the smell of her best friend’s house, and hinted at a future tutorial for her iconic eye makeup. We also got a tour of her exposed-brick-heavy apartment, featuring a cameo from her brother Nick (@nickstalter1) and a quick musical riff of all the gourmet meals she’s been cooking in isolation: “Honey, I made a meat loaf the other day. For myself!” Dr. Stalter, meat-loaf queen!

You can find Meg on Instagram at @megsstalter and Twitter at @megstalter.

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Meg Stalter’s Next Hit Song Will Be About Meat Loaf