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Meghan Markle Makes Glorious Return to Acting by Narrating Elephant Farts

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

She’s back! Well, her voice is back. On April 3, Disney will be releasing a thrilling nature documentary, Elephant, which revolves around an elephant family as they trek through the Kalahari Desert for hundreds and hundreds of miles — all so they can finally experience the joy of not luxuriating in a desert. It’s heartwarming, a little sad at times, and definitely great for families who are currently trapped in their homes. It’s also a return to form for Meghan Markle’s acting career and marks her first Hollywood role since her engagement to Prince Harry back in 2017. Markle narrates the entire 90-minute doc, for which Disney donated a sizable amount of money to her charity of choice.

Vulture’s Elephant highlight, without getting too much into the details, is when Markle is forced to narrate a moment when a baby elephant goes on a farting spree while playing in the mud. “Oh, dear,” she coos. “Ah, who did that?” Some other line readings you can look forward to are the following:

“It’s time for an elephant feast!”

“The mud has a dark side.”

“That’s a crocodile! Probably best to stick with the herd.”

“The death of a matriarch is a momentous event in his young life.”

“A little extra protein never hurt anyone.”

“She has her hands full trying to raise her 1-year-old son. And this kid is a handful.”

That last one, though. A subtle cry for help from the duchess herself? Or a coincidental overlap of how her life is like the African elephant Shani’s?

Meghan Markle Narrates Farts in Disney’s New Elephant Doc