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Tom Petty Is Smiling Down at Mike Campbell’s Quarantine Music Video

Look, we’re not saying guitarist Mike Campbell’s new quarantine jam, “Lockdown,” is that great of a song. It ain’t no Damn the Torpedoes bonus track, if you will. “I’ve got a face mask and some rubber gloves,” he croons. “Yeah, I’m washing my clothes in an old bathtub!” But do we care? Absolutely not. (Actually, “I ain’t going nowhere baby, I’m going stir crazy” is a pretty great lyric on par with anything in the 1980 hit “Here Comes My Girl.”) We’re here to have fun! The Heartbreakers’ enduring songwriter and onetime Fleetwood Mac member just wanted to pass some time while hauled up in his house, and the results are four minutes of unadulterated goofiness that also doubles as an expensive home studio scavenger hunt. If only his old pal Tom Petty was around to see it.

Tom Petty Is Smiling Down at Mike Campbell’s Lockdown Video