Hey, Cool Cats: We’re Reportedly Getting a Bonus Tiger King Episode

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Your favorite docuseries train wreck about zoos, murders, mullets, big cats, swingers, and leopard prints just might be adding a caboose. A trashy caboose, but a caboose nonetheless. Tiger King, a seven-episode hot-mess express that debuted on Netflix last month, will reportedly be releasing a new episode to tie up all those divisive loose ends. The intel comes from Tiger King star Jeff Lowe, a zoo owner and noted swinger (not to be confused with Joe Exotic, zoo owner and convicted felon), who shared an update via a Cameo video sent to a player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. “Netflix is adding one more episode. It will be on next week,” Lowe, a man who will undoubtedly be played by Michael Madsen in a television adaptation, explained. “They’re filming here tomorrow.” The bonus episode’s format has not been clarified, although, given Netflix’s recent history, it’s reasonable to speculate a quasi-reunion.

If your self-isolation era has yet to include a Tiger King binge — we’re very proud of your restraint if so — the docuseries primarily revolves around nationwide clusters of “big cat” conservationists and the zoo parks they built for their animals. These figures include the aforementioned Joe Exotic, a flamboyant Oklahoma man who’s now in prison, and Carole Baskin, a Florida woman who may or may not have fed one of her husbands to her tigers. An exotic-animal provider to the stars also shows up, just for kicks.

Hey, Cool Cats: We’re Getting a Bonus Tiger King Episode