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Stay Until the End of This Trippy Keith Urban Performance for a Surprise

No, you’re not high watching three (3!) Keith Urbans perform a lovely cover of “Higher Love” for last night’s One World: Together at Home special. Modern clone technology, amirite? Bring us to that! It gives us more time to examine all of his tattoos and lack of socks, anyway. But if you can’t handle the image of a trio of guitars vibing to New Wave soul, may we suggest fast-forwarding to the end, when a special guest (in a beautiful sweater) comes out to hug her boo. Pretty obvious, right? “To all of the health-care workers, everybody on the frontlines and behind the scenes,” Urban said at the end, “on behalf of Nic and our girls, myself, all of us here, we say thank you.” There’s no slapping here, just some warm fuzzies and a li’l bit of smooching.

Stay to the End of This Keith Urban Performance for Surprise