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A Girls-Only Brood of Queer Vampires Is Eating Boys in The Bit Trailer

The vampires of Bit have one rule above any other: No turning boys. You can eat them and leave them drained, but under no circumstance do you make them vampire, because history has proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted with power. That’s what Duke (Diana Hopper) tells Laurel (Supergirl’s Nicole Maines), a young trans girl fresh off her high school graduation in small town Oregon, when she’s welcoming her into into the ladies-only clique of hot L.A. vampires that she presides over. Laurel is just — literally just — starting her life as a SoCal transplant and crashing with her big brother when she happens upon Duke’s band of queer undead, and Bit follows her as she learns the ways of the night and realizes there’s a whole new world of adversaries she must be mindful of. Written and directed by Brad Michael Elmore, the film garnered accolades across the genre festival circuit in 2019, and will be released digitally on April 24.

These Queer Vampires Are Eating Boys in The Bit Trailer