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Lettuce Enjoy Our Thyme With Nicole Richie in Her Nikki Fre$h Trailer

At least there’s one (1) objectively nice thing for us this week: Nicole Richie, who’s been a low-key goofball for a better part of the decade, is portraying a “conscious trap queen” on that short streaming platform everyone keeps talking about. (RIP, Great News. You were too great for us to handle at the time.) On Quibi’s comedy series Nikki Fre$h, Richie is preaching the gospel of veggies and bees and crystal granola, or trying to bring a voice of a generation to our planet. Still a little confused? Still are we, frankly. “I want to make music about things that are important to me,” she explains in the trailer. “Conscious trap is music for everybody. Teachers, rabbis, Virgos, but mostly moms and gays.” Her wellness revolution will begin on April 6.

Lettuce Enjoy Our Thyme With Nicole Richie in Nikki Fre$h