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Patti LuPone Regales Andy Cohen With Very Patti LuPone Opinions on Barbra Streisand and Glenn Close

In spite of self-quarantine, Patti LuPone has found ways to continue to shock and delight just as much as she always has. She’s taking people on tours of her basement, appearing in remote concerts, preparing for the release of Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, and now, checking in with Andy Cohen and doing her her favorite hobby: making pronouncements about things. Returning to the same platform where she announced that Madonna was a “movie killer,” LuPone told Cohen that, no, she hasn’t heard from Madonna since and that she thinks Barbra Streisand’s long quest to make a Gypsy movie is doomed. “I know she would like to do it,” LuPone said, “and I’m sure there’s technologies so that she could do it, and I think maybe 50 years ago she would’ve been a brilliant Madam Rose.”

But perhaps most inevitable, she also checked back in on that whole Sunset Boulevard imbroglio (ALW detente over, it seems) to clarify her side of the story that she and Glenn Close, who famously got the lead role over Patti in the Broadway run of Sunset, had buried the hatchet over drinks at Bar Centrale. “We didn’t grab drinks; she crashed our table!” LuPone said. “It was in the paper the wrong way. I was out with Jon Hamm and Andrew Rannells, and Glenn came and sat next to Jon Hamm.” LuPone, it seems, was especially not happy about the attention directed at Jon Hamm. “I said to him, ‘If you fuck her, I’ll never speak to you again,’” LuPone said. Laughing, she adds that Hamm did indeed not fuck her, so he has nothing to fear from Patti, at least for now.

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