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Ramy Season Two Trailer: Hot Priests Are Out, Mahershala Ali’s Hot Sheikh Is In

How are we supposed to focus on the challenges of religion and adulthood when the spiritual guide is this good looking? Mahershala Ali, his bone structure, and his multiple Academy Awards are here to make Ramy feel a little bit more inadequate in season two of the critically acclaimed show. Ali, a Muslim since 1999 and Ramy fan since the start, joins the show as Sheikh Ali, a leader in his community and the latest object of Ramy’s desire — to better himself, that is. “I feel like I have this hole that I’ve been trying to fill,” he admits to his new sheikh. “I’ve tried to fill it with sex, but it only makes things worse. I want you to be my teacher, I want you to kill my ego.” Oh, but just to be clear: “I don’t want to have sex with you,” he adds. Sure. Fleabag gave us Andrew Scott as a hot priest, and now Ramy’s giving us Mahershala Ali as a hot sheikh. With his sexy spiritual adviser and his new Muslim community, Ramy is committing to his faith … as much as he can. “I must know, have you showered since you last masturbated?” Ali whispers. “You must come to Allah clean.” Crickets. Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef returns in season two of Ramy, out May 29 on Hulu.

Ramy Trailer: Mahershala Ali Is Ramy’s New Hot Sheikh