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Let SNL’s Gretchen Whitmer Be Your ‘Smoke-Show Midwestern Governor’

We don’t blame Gretchen Whitmer (Cecily Strong) for wanting to endorse a few beers into her mouth after the April she’s had, especially since pretty much nobody outside of Michigan’s mitten had any idea who she was until four weeks ago. But she’s doing alright. A little confused that America hasn’t given her a cool, sexy nickname, but she’s still doing alright. “It might surprise you to be hearing from me, some smoke-show midwestern governor. But governors are kind of having a moment right now,” she explains. “While other govs get cool nicknames like ’Daddy Cuomo’ and Gavin ‘Choke Me King’ Newsom, Trump refers to me as ‘That Woman From Michigan.’ But I’m not offended. Because I’m proud to be from Michigan and ‘that woman’ is what Trump calls his wife.”

And don’t even get Whitmer started about those vice-president rumors, which in her eyes are nothing more than a former veep’s silly VP. “Because if its going to be a woman,” she muses, “it might as well be that woman.” But this woman would rather flip her critics off instead.

Let SNL’s Gretchen Whitmer Be Your ‘Smoke-Show Governor’