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Jimmy Fallon Got Adam Sandler’s Blessing to Impersonate Him on SNL

In addition to debuting his new quarantine song, Adam Sandler caught up with Jimmy Fallon during last night’s remote Tonight Show. Naturally, the conversation turned to Saturday Night Live at one point, and Fallon asked Sandler if he remembered the first time Fallon impersonated him on the show. (It was “Celebrity Jeopardy.”) Of course, Fallon didn’t start doing the impersonation without first getting Sandler’s blessing, and he remembers that phone call a little more than Sandler does.

“You go ‘All right, all right. Do the impression for me.’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Fallon said, recapping the call. “I just did, like, you know, the goofy ‘Yabbadaba!’” And you go, ‘All right, that’s good. Good luck, kid!’” Sandler also did his fair share of SNL impersonations only to run into the actual people and find out they weren’t exactly fans of him, so that may have played a part in Fallon looking back on Sandler’s reaction as nothing but kind. “I do remember always getting calls from anybody who mentioned your name, from friends in my hometown, going ‘Hey, did you see they were making fun of you?’” Sandler said. “But as I got older, I was like, ‘What the hell is the difference, man? It’s fun! Who cares!’”

If the above clip and Sandler’s quarantine song leave you wanting a little more Sandler content today, do yourself a favor and watch the clip from his appearance on Conan earlier this week where he belts out a 28-second opera note to cheer everyone up. It works!

Fallon Got Sandler’s Blessing to Impersonate Him on SNL