SNL Knows Your Grocery Store Is Out of the Stuff You Want, But What About the Stuff Nobody Wants?

They’ve partnered on an apple orchard, a semi-ethical meat farm, and a clothing store catering to show choirs. In this week’s Saturday Night Live, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon are back as two optimistic sisters hoping to sell you some groceries. No, no, not the groceries you want, like chicken thighs and hand soap and toilet paper. The groceries you don’t want, but actually have access to, as these groceries somehow manage to stay on the shelves, despite the seemingly-unending coronavirus quarantine.

How about some Impossible lobster meat, anyone? Smothered in some delicious margarine and paired with a Malbec from Missouri? Mmm, that cauliflower pasta isn’t going to eat itself! And even if it did, it still probably wouldn’t go with that Mario Batali pasta sauce, so please, pick up a jar or two. Explains McKinnon, “We wanna give you what you want, but first, we need to you buy what we have!”

SNL’s Grocery Store Begs You to Buy the Stuff Nobody Wants