These Are the SNL Episodes We Wish Were Airing Right Now

Yes, please. Photo: Courtesy of @steezus_castillo/Instagram

Last month, NBC announced that Saturday Night Live would suspend production ahead of its previously scheduled episode on March 28, and we have yet to learn the fate of the rest of the show’s 45th season. Meanwhile, the late-night shows have begun to settle into their new socially distanced formats filled with musical moments, audience-free segments, and in the case of Jimmy Fallon, kids stealing the show. While it seems pretty unlikely at this point that SNL will return with new episodes in front of a live audience by next month, one of the show’s writers has been planning out dream SNL episodes for over a year now. They’re only a fantasy, but they at least scratch that itch of seeing the show share its trademark index-card corkboard announcements to Twitter and Instagram.

Steven Castillo, one of the writers behind SNL’s instant-hit “Weezer” sketch from 2018, decided to start posting the fake SNL announcements in March 2019. “It started as a bit to annoy my friends at work that went wayyyy too far,” he told Vulture. Castillo’s handwriting might not be as sleek as the official SNL announcements, but his lineups are perfectly suited for the chaos and confusion of … well, everything going on in the world right now. For example, the announcement that started it all:

Or, another example:

Or this. Who wouldn’t want these episodes?!

Or these:

They’re just so good.

SNL might not be airing right now, but at least we have a backlog of dream lineups from Castillo we can visualize in our heads until TV goes back to normal. So thank you, Castillo, for your service.

These Are the SNL Episodes We Wish Were Airing Right Now