The Ninja Turtles Become Old and Sober on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live’s remote episode over the weekend included something we haven’t seen on the show too often since the Robert Smigel TV Funhouse days: an animated short. Titled “Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles,” the short reveals what life is like now for the once active and heroic turtles of all ’90s kids’ childhoods. Turns out the Ninja Turtles have given up fighting bad guys to fight over custody of their kids, shop at Whole Foods, stay sober, wear Under Armour, and discuss whether it would be appropriate to attend Shredder’s funeral: “Maybe the wake, but definitely not the service.” According to Steven Castillo — who co-wrote the sketch with Kyle Mooney and Dan Bulla — this short was animated in less than a week to fit into the remotely produced episode, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment. While it’s slightly depressing to see what the Ninja Turtles are like now, it’s at least good news that the lump the doctor found on Donatello’s spine turned out to be benign.

The Ninja Turtles Get Old and Sober on Saturday Night Live