Mixologist Stanley Tucci Whips Up a ‘Quarantini’ for John Krasinski’s Virtual Potluck

For the latest installment of John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube show, the actor called up his famous friends to try viewer-submitted family recipes, then give their (universally kind) feedback, as part of a virtual potluck. Martha Stewart was on day-long pierogi duty, Guy Fieri made Sloppy Joes for what we’re assuming was not the first time in his career, and David Chang cooked up an extremely delicious-looking, cream-based chicken dish. Because it wouldn’t be a potluck without booze, America’s favorite mixologist Stanley Tucci also stopped by, not to make another perfect Negroni, but to try his hand at a “Quarantini.”

Passed along by TikToker @joeybaboots courtesy of his Nana, who demonstrates the beverage here, a Quarantini consists of vanilla and orange vodka, orange juice and a splash of Chambord. Stanley Tucci’s review? “Vanilla vodka? She said two shots, that’s two shots. Orange vodka? Two shots. I won’t be walking after this,” the actor predicts. In the end, however, a delighted Tucci concludes: “This is delicious! Cheers to both of you.” Besides, where is Stanley Tucci really walking to anyway? Fifteen feet to collapse on his gigantic, sumptuous bed?

America’s Mixologist Stanley Tucci Whips Up a Quarantini