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No No No No No, Yes: Dawn French Is Reviving The Vicar of Dibley

Amen. Photo: BBC

And now, we must hold a spontaneous animal service to express our gratitude. Dawn French has confirmed that she will be reviving one of Britain’s finest sitcoms of all time, The Vicar of Dibley, for the BBC’s Big Night In coronavirus fundraiser on April 23. While the show officially ended its heavenly reign back in 2007, French and the cast have revived Dibley on three occasions since the finale, which took the form of charity shorts for Comic Relief. (The latest short had her character, Geraldine, this close to achieving bishop status and putting on a snazzy miter fashion show.) Besides French, it’s unknown if the other surviving original actors of the series — Gary Waldhorn, Trevor Peacock, and James Fleet — will also be involved, or her foxy accountant husband played by Richard Armitage. Either way, we have our chocolate bible ready.

No No No No No, Yes: Dawn French Revives The Vicar of Dibley