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How Well Do You Know Tiger King From We Bought a Zoo?

ScarJoe Exotic Photo: Netflix/20th Century Fox

An outsider with a flair for the extreme and zero veterinary or zoological qualifications purchases a rural zoo, lives on the property, and uses the caged tigers to work through his own problems. The zoo staff is a ragtag bunch of weirdos who aren’t fairly compensated. We’re not talking about Tiger King. Well, we are talking about Tiger King, but we’re also describing the 2011 Cameron Crowe movie We Bought a Zoo. One man’s feel-good movie about a family being brought together via a ramshackle private zoo is another’s animal rights nightmare. All it needs is the right indie-folk soundtrack. So do you know your ScarJo from your Joe Exotic?

Who Said It: Tiger King or We Bought a Zoo?

We give you a quote. You tell us what it's from.

“Hey all you cool cats and kittens!”
“These animals need somebody to rescue them.”
“We’re all in cages, man.”
“I use my music as an escape from my reality.”
“I’ve been an adventure addict my whole life.”
“He knew the ins and outs of strange and exotic adventure.”
“Our mission is to give these animals a fighting chance.”
“The place makes 75% of its revenue in the summertime.”
"Dying doesn't scare me at all."
“She can’t legally work here, so we pay her cash under the table, out of my salary … She lives on the property.”
“No one in the zoo community’s ever heard of you. You know nothing about animals, and you’ve moved into a dump”
“You know why animals die in cages? Their soul dies.”
“They’re called enclosures. They haven’t been called ‘cages’ in like a century. My brief marriage: That was a cage.”
“They go from being so sweet to tearing your face off, just like that.”
“You know, tigers have special sensors in the front of their two-inch canines. They can actually detect the pulse in your aorta, so when they attack they bite you, take your pulse with their teeth, reposition those suckers, and boom, there goes your carotid.”
“I’ll kill him! I’ll cut off his head with a saw! I’ll kill him without a thought. He stole $1,900 from me.”
“I am never going to financially recover from this.”
“My big boy, Dillon.”
“The cats are my responsibility no matter who owns the zoo.”
"We bought a zoo."

How Well Do You Know Tiger King From We Bought a Zoo?