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Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Will Fill the Love Is Blind–Size Hole in Your Life

If you thought a dating show where contestants can’t see each other was wild, Netflix is back with the one-up: a dating show where contestants can’t kiss or have sex with each other. That’s the premise of Too Hot to Handle, out April 17, which seems like the sequel to another recent trashy, bingeable dating show. The show brings together ten noticeably hot 20-somethings with a mishmash of accents for a vacation getaway with a catch. “There are conditions to your stay here: no kissing or sex of any kind,” an Alexa-like robot tells them once they’re settled. Contestants who break that rule lose money from their eventual $100,000 grand prize. How is that enforced? How does the show end? Is there a host? Does any of that really matter, because you know you’re going to watch anyway? After all, it’s the reality show that asks the question: “Is blue balls a real thing?”

Too Hot to Handle Is Netflix’s Next Love Is Blind