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Peninsula Trailer: The Train to Busan Sequel Returns to the Zombie Wasteland

After four long years, the first glimpse at Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan sequel, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula, is here (probably would’ve gone with Train 2 Busan, but that’s not really our call). A zombie-apocalypse horror set on a speeding train, Train to Busan was a fan and critic favorite in 2016. Now, amid our very own outbreak, the director returns to the zombie-ridden wasteland. Peninsula follows a soldier, Jung-seok, forced to reenter the infected zone when he’s assigned to a covert operation. Kind of like last week, when you had to go drop toilet paper off outside of a sick friend’s door. Just more hangry zombies. When he and his team unexpectedly find survivors, the mission gets a lot more complicated — zombie-cage-match complicated. And, to be clear, this is just the teaser. At this point in the pandemic, we’ll just sit here and be thankful we’re not on Mad Max–inspired adventures with flesh-starved zombies on our tail. Peninsula is coming soon (that is, unless coronavirus out-outbreaks the outbreak movie).

Peninsula Trailer: The Train to Busan Sequel Is Just in Time