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Reese Witherspoon’s Southern Accent Comes All the Way Out Talking About Cars With Offset

Photo: Getty Images

This is what you expected from your quarantine Monday, right? Reese Witherspoon on an Instagram live feed with Offset talking about cars? Of course you did, because by now you’ve learned to brace for anything. Both the hip-hop star and the actress/producer have Quibi shows launching today, with Witherspoon narrating a nature show called Fierce Queens and Offset hosting a car show called Skrrt With Offset, which means it’s time for some cross-promotion. Witherspoon went live on her Instagram and screen shared with Offset, which lead to the two of them bonding over cars. She has her most attentive listening face on, and is most surprised to learn that the derelict El Dorado in her dad’s front yard is probably worth a nice chunk of change — and that Offset might be an interested buyer! The two children of the South were just talking a bit of shop when Witherspoon shared that her father collected 1975 Cadillac El Dorados, which lead to an impressed sigh from Offset and a request to buy what her dad has left if he’s not using it. She told him, “I’m gonna hook you up,” so please let this livestream have a part two in which we watch the transaction take place at Mr. Witherspoon’s house in Nashville.

Watch Reese Witherspoon Talk About Cars With Offset