The Capone Trailer Is A Love Affair Between Tom Hardy and A Cigar

It makes sense that cigars would feature heavily in a movie about infamous gangster Al Capone, but it’s really striking how prominent that large brown stub coming out of Tom Hardy’s mouth is. Also noteworthy, this gangster biopic — which focuses on Capone’s life after he got out of prison and was suffering from syphilis — is that it’s written and directed by Josh Trank, who has been largely out of the public eye since his Fantastic Four movie bombed and he walked away from the Star Wars spin-off he was attached to. So, there’s a lot of story here! Hardy, characteristically, seems to have immersed himself in the role, which finds him possibly going mad at the end of his life but living “like a king” in Florida, making kingdom a pretty relative concept here. Capone comes out on May 12, according to Trank’s Twitter, but it does not specify in what capacity, given *gestures broadly* everything that’s going on.

Watch The Capone Trailer, Starring Tom Hardy and Cigars