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Let Tom Hanks’s Remote SNL Monologue Soothe Your Quarantine Worries

In case you were still worried about national American treasure Tom Hanks recovering from COVID-19, he’s here to quell your worries by hosting a new episode of Saturday Night Live. The monologue, taped not-very-live from Hanks’s home in Los Angeles, is a strange one, albeit comforting, thanks to the universally beloved Hanks’s friendly delivery. Hanks touches on his COVID-19 diagnosis, noting that he was the “celebrity canary in the coal mine” of the virus, but that he has made a full recovery, along with his wife Rita Wilson. He goes on to explain that this episode of SNL is a little different than others, mainly because “there’s no such thing as Saturdays anymore. Every day is today.” Hanks wraps things up with a one-man-question-and-answer, and assures the audience that despite production limitations, this episode will be more familiar than you might have thought: “Will it make you laugh? Eh. It’s SNL. There’ll be some good stuff, maybe one or two stinkers, you know the drill.”

Let Tom Hanks’s SNL Monologue Soothe Your Quarantine Worries