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Alfie Allen Sees Your Scallion Jar and Raises You a Damn Polytunnel

So you’ve learned to crochet, cut your own hair, and maybe you’re even trying out some new recipes like the adventurous little quarantiner you are. But unfortunately, it would seem Alfie Allen is actually the only one of us who has had the foresight to build a polytunnel with his dad where they are growing vegetables to live on … just in case. He revealed this agricultural feat in the latest episode of our Instagram Live series Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well, where his friend and How to Build a Girl co-star Beanie Feldstein prodded him to reveal the skills he’s picked up in quarantine.

Alfie’s new plastic greenhouse is apparently a bounty of cucumbers, tomatoes, and figs. Figs! In the coming dystopia, when figs undoubtedly become currency, Alfie Allen will rule us all with his plethora of tasty figs. Feldstein, for her part, revealed she’s getting really good at Texas Hold ’Em, which also seems like a useful dystopian skill should she choose to embrace the life of a rogue maverick gambler roaming the wastes, beating every local villager at cards and taking them for all the figs they’re worth.

For more fun with friends who are two, follow Vulture on Instagram and buckle up, because next week we’re welcoming Lamorne Morris and Jesse Williams on May 18 and then Andrea Savage and Kaitlin Olson will friend-it-up on May 20. We really can’t wait to find out how many figs they all have.

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Alfie Allen Sees Your Scallion Jar, Raises You a Polytunnel