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The One, True Agent of Chaos Azealia Banks Finally Speaks, Criticizes Nicki Minaj on Instagram

Trolls gonna troll. Photo: Getty Images

She’s back. After Grimes’s baby, and Lana Del Rey’s extended public meltdown, who among us was not wondering, where on God’s green earth is Azealia Banks? Well, on Monday, May 25, the one, true agent of chaos Miss Banks emerged from whatever hole she’s been hiding in and did what she does best: stirred the pot. But with so many scandals and controversies emerging over the long weekend, which did the “212” songstress choose to sink her teeth into first. In a surprising decision, she left Lana Del Rey and Grimes alone and chose to come for Nicki Minaj first. After telling some seriously NSFW stories about alleged encounters with Adrian Grenier and Dave Chappelle, Banks flamed Minaj for not calling out her “Say So (Remix)” partner after allegations emerged over the weekend that Doja mocked victims of police brutality with her song “Dindu Nuffin” and was involved in racist video chats.

“Nicki,” Banks says straight to camera, “for all that fucking mouth you have for Cardi B for talking shit about black women, and now you quiet because you got this little number one with this white bitch. You a pussy ass bitch.” If you thought that was as far as Miss Banks was going to go, then you clearly do not remember the artist formerly known as Azealia Banks. “Now I’m looking back at it and you was just jealous of Cardi… you was just jealous because she’s got more swag than you,” said Banks, going out of her way to throw salt in old wounds. If it wasn’t clear enough what Banks this of the situation, she goes on to say that if Minaj doesn’t get on QUEEN Radio and call out Doja for her comments then she’s “not the queen of rap… You’re working with Tekashi [6ix9ine] and Doja Cat and wack bitches like that like what? Trying to put fear in bitches hearts… I’m just very disappointed in you. All that shit you talk about female rap and female this and female that and look at you selling out. You selling out.” Ouch. Take a trip into Azealia Banks’s Instagram stories and check and watch the queen of chaotic evil go off.

Azealia Banks Criticizes Nicki Minaj on Instagram