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‘Baby Mama’ Brandy and Wife Guy Chance the Rapper Drop a New Song

Brandy, momma to Sy’rai, and Chance the Rapper, wife guy to Kirsten Corley, dropped a Mother’s Day anthem just in time to remind you that it’s Mother’s Day on May 10. That’s enough time to mentally prepare for a phone call, send a thoughtful gift over, or dedicate Brandy’s new song “Baby Mama” to the mother figures in your life. As much as Brandy is singing about being a mom, unbothered by her Instagram comments, “Baby Mama” is also a celebration of her daughter, 17-year-old Sy’rai, her “pearl in the rough.” “Whole world looking at me single mama / This song ain’t just for me, it’s for every mama / Every day I breathe it’s for my little mama / I’m every woman and a baby mama,” she sings in the chorus, sending love to her Cinderella and musical fairy godmother, Whitney Houston. After Brandy validates all these hardworking moms, Chance the Rapper comes through to talk some sense into baby daddies. “Look, I know it’s hard when your baby mama don’t want you,” he relates. “Especially if she don’t need you / Especially if she used to feed you / Especially if she used to keep you / Especially if you used to cheat too / Wait, come to think of it — / She ain’t never really need you.” “Baby Mama” is Brandy’s first single since the Grammy-nominated “Love Again” featuring Daniel Caesar. And if you love the OG, you might like the sequel: Brandy’s daughter recently dropped her own song, “At Your Best,” which samples Aaliyah’s 1994 “At Your Best (You Are Love).” Looks like she got it from her mama.

Update, May 4, 12:45 p.m.: Brandy dropped the music video for “Baby Mama,” featuring her and dozens of friends dancing in the street. Call it baby mama’s night out.

‘Baby Mama’ Brandy and Wife Guy Chance Drop a New Song