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Cameron Diaz’s First Acting Role in Years Is Sucker Punching Our Faces

2014 was the final year that Cameron Diaz, following a bunch of cinematic bombs, showed any interest in acting and began luxuriating in a pseudo-retirement. (We will never accept any slander against The Holiday, though.) She has since welcomed her first child and strongly hinted that she wants to continue to eschew acting in favor of building a wellness empire à la Goop, but for ten glorious seconds, let’s forget all about that. Just don’t let those mom jeans fool you! As part of the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge organized by stunt extraordinaire Zoë Bell, Diaz took in and fired off punches to her fellow bitches thanks to some clever editing, sacrificing a grocery bag in the name of entertainment. “Fun way to fight boredom,” she wrote on social media, “with some badass babes!” We’d say it’s like Fight Club, but since Drew Barrymore is also there, the obvious comparison is Charlie’s Angels 3.

Cameron Diaz’s First Role in Years Is Punching Our Faces