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The Happy Endings Cast Terrorized the Cast of Glee

I know, I know, you thought that you’d already exhausted all the Happy Endings content this quarantine had to give. And yet here we are with another episode of our Instagram Live series Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well that proves the much-beloved sitcom is actually an inexhaustible resource for fond memories. Last night, a very sun-kissed Eliza Coupe and a very Canadian Elisha Cuthbert linked up on our livestream to chat about hair, coyotes, hockey tape, and life in Topanga, California. They also revealed more details on the upcoming Happy Endings live reading: which is that they themselves have almost no details at all.

But the real delight here is listening to “Cuth and Coup” reminisce about their time on-set with the rest of the cast, when they behaved like, in their own words, “such dicks.” Apparently the lot at Paramount was host to a number of Happy Endings tailgate parties, bicycle rides, and Friday afternoon drinks that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. And it was all within earshot of the casts of Glee (who, according to Cuthbert, “thought we were batshit crazy,”) and American Horror Story, whose presence did not faze the Endings crew, no, not even a little bit.

If this made you miss the days of yore when drinking in groups was a thing, join the club. But also, know that we’ve got more Two Friends next week when Paul Scheer and Rob Corddry will be joining us to catch up on Monday at 7pm ET. So follow us on Instagram, pick up some beers to drink during it, and maybe it’ll feel like old times?

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The Happy Endings Cast Terrorized the Cast of Glee