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Hayley Williams Releases ‘Dead Horse’ Video Starring Many Hayley Williamses

After 17 years of waiting, it’s Hayley Williams Day, and she is here to make the most of it. The Paramore singer released her debut solo full-length album, Petals for Armor, on May 8, and has now thrown in a music video for single “Dead Horse.” The video features many Hayley Williamses — in mirror reflections, wearing colorful wigs, contorting herself around an empty set (talk about social distancing) — singing about managing Williams’s depression. She originally released “Dead Horse” as part of Petals for Armor II, the second EP of material off the eventual album, in late April. It follows her previous Petals for Armor videos for “Simmer,” “Leave It Alone,” and “Cinnamon.” “Now you get another song,” Williams sings in the chorus. Let’s hope there are more videos where these came from, too.

Many Hayley Williamses Star in ‘Dead Horse’ Video