We Might Get a Hilary Duff Younger Spinoff, Which Is Sorta the Fun Lizzie McGuire Update She Wanted

Kelsey, the Rhoda of the Younger universe. Photo: TV Land

One way or another Hilary Duff is going to get herself her own TV series where she is a millennial in New York who has sex and such. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ViacomCBS is developing a spinoff of New York–publishing–industry fantasia Younger that would star Duff’s character, Kelsey, the age-faking Sutton Foster’s actually younger, actually millennial colleague in the industry. Duff is also supposed to be starring in Disney+’s revival of Lizzie McGuire, which was supposed to meet up with Lizzie while she was living a very Kelsey-like life in New York. That stalled after its creator, Terri Minsky, left, reportedly over adult material that Disney+ didn’t want to air, leading Duff to publicly ask if they can please bring that show to Hulu. But hey, if Lizzie can’t have fun, maybe Kelsey can.

The Younger spinoff is in early development, and according to THR, hasn’t been filmed or written yet, and could air on a Viacom network or elsewhere. Notably, Younger creator Darren Star’s other Viacom project Emily in Paris, as Vulture reported, may head from the Paramount Network, for which it was originally written, to Netflix, and THR speculates that the Duff series could end up there. Wherever it ends up, you can bet Duff will be ready on Instagram to announce her feelings about it all.

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