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I May Destroy You Trailer: Michaela Coel’s New Series Warns Us Right in the Title

Michaela Coel is here once again to challenge everything you thought you knew about dating, sex, consent, and, of course, comedy. Her unshrinking storytelling is back in HBO’s new series I May Destroy You, the trailer for which you can watch above. Fans of her Netflix and E4 show Chewing Gum have been thirsty for more ever since it ended in 2017. While it’s the same Coel, now with bubblegum-pink hair, I May Destroy You has a different story to tell. The BAFTA winner stars as Arabella, a Londoner with great friends, a boyfriend in Italy, what looks like a great flat, and clearly a killer wig collection (two wig changes in the teaser below? Respect). But none of that matters after she’s spiked with a date-rape drug, assaulted, and can no longer “gather the pieces.” Follow her as she tries to put herself back together, all while maintaining her fabulous Instagram presence. In 2018, Coel revealed that she herself was sexually assaulted while working on Chewing Gum and described blacking out and “coming into consciousness.” Originally titled January 22nd, I May Destroy You is a fair warning that this show is unafraid to get real. Find it on HBO June 7.

I May Destroy You Trailer: Michaela Coel Is Warning Us Now