Hey, You Wanna See Jay Leno and Elon Musk Tootle Around Town in a 2021 Tesla Cybertruck?

Picture it now: Elon Musk and Jay Leno, rolling through Armageddon in their bullet-proof Cybertruck. It’s everything you imagined 2021 would be. In a promo for CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage, the Tesla CEO lets the former late-night host take his company’s latest invention, complete with armored glass, for a spin on the streets of Los Angeles. Asks Leno, “Why is that important, for it to be bullet-proof?,” Jokes Musk in reply. “Because it’s badass and super cool. I mean, do you want your truck to be bullet-proof or not?” Laughs the SpaceX founder, “When the apocalypse comes, you’ll be glad it’s bullet-proof. We want to be a leader in apocalypse technology.”

If watching the 2021 Tesla Cybertruck in action has you ready to take out a cyberloan, it sounds like there might be a few kinks to work out. For example, Musk says the entire vehicle has to be reduced by five percent to fit inside the average garage. However, on Twitter Saturday, he amended his statement, saying a reduction of anything more than three percent probably isn’t in the works for now. “Reviewed design with Franz last night,” he tweeted. “Even 3% smaller is too small. Will be pretty much this size. We’ll probably do a smaller, tight world truck at some point.”

Either way, if you want to see how the Cybertruck manages to fit in the Boring Company’s mile-long underground tunnel, you’ll have to go ahead and watch Jay Leno’s Garage this Wednesday, May 27 at 10 p.m. EST.

Jay Leno and Elon Musk Tootle Around Town in a Cybertruck