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Lamorne Morris Once Got Shot, With a Gun, on Christmas Day

The Vulture Instagram Live Institute has been one of the nation’s leading providers of celebrity catch-ups during quarantine, thanks to our increasingly popular series Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well. So we’re thrilled to bring you this latest installment with Jesse Williams and Lamorne Morris, where two veterans of Cosmopolitan’s 2016 Hottest TV Actors list, who have not spoken in weeks, were able to catch up live. We learned a lot, particularly that Williams is really looking forward to having an excuse to not have to pick up the phone again. (Apparently, when you’re a Hot TV Actor and everyone knows you’re home and not busy, finding quiet time can be hard.)

After learning all about stuffed cabbage, apps, and taints (yep), we got a recounting of some experiences that make quarantine seem almost vacationlike. A conversation about travel woes inspired Williams to share his tale of a Christmas Day spent flying to West Africa, which sounds cool until he gets to the part where he ate Christmas dinner out of a vending machine in Paris, where he’d accidentally shown up for his connecting flight 12 hours early. But as awful as that sounds, it’s not as bad as Morris’s worst Christmas: He got shot. He didn’t expand on this, but he doesn’t really need to. Air-travel mix-ups are usually complex affairs, whereas being shot is pretty straightforward. He was shot, with a gun! It probably hurt. We can assume it resulted in emergency medical care. And it likely goes without saying that he didn’t enjoy it.

If you enjoyed this, join us again tomorrow, May 20, when Andrea Savage and Kaitlin Olson will be going live on our Instagram at 7 p.m. ET.

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Lamorne Morris Once Got Shot, With a Gun, on Christmas Day