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Snowflakes Will Have a Field Day With Netflix’s New Drama Trigger Warning

Photo: Getty Images

We’re in a safe space to share this news: Jessica Alba, a reigning queen of hard-boiled action for the big screen when she isn’t running a near-billion-dollar wellness company, will be starring in a new drama film for Netflix called Trigger Warning. THR reports that Alba will portray a traumatized veteran who “inherits her grandfather’s bar and faces a moral dilemma after learning the truth behind his untimely death,” which, if we had to guess, involves quite a large conspiracy that will bring forth even more untimely deaths. Alba is currently starring as a detective in the Bad Boys offshoot L.A.’s Finest alongside Gabrielle Union, but you need to have a Spectrum subscription to watch it. (On … Spectrum Originals?) Lucky for us, though, it’ll air on Fox in the fall due to the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on broadcast schedules. If you need us in the meantime, we’ll be watching Alba’s chaotic beauty videos.

Snowflakes to Have Field Day With Netflix’s Trigger Warning