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We’d Also Crash This Jimmy Fallon Interview to Cozy Up to Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm was just about gearing up to talk about the return of his favorite himbo character on The Tonight Show when two became three: Jimmy Fallon’s daughter Winnie entered the chat with a coloring book about farm animals and a whole lot of questions. Vulture’s honorary husband was delighted at the brief interruption (“special guest star!”), and as a win-win, we also got to learn about his current livestock preferences. (You forgot he’s a nice Missouri boy, didn’t you?) “Is there a duck? What about a chicken? Duck or chicken,” Hamm demands, “anything with a beak.” Cattle is a close second, and don’t you dare mention swine. He has enough Hamm as it is.

We’d Also Crash This Fallon Interview to Cozy Up to Jon Hamm