John Mulaney and Stephen Colbert Dish Out Some Juicy Goth Gossip on The Late Show

If you watched beloved comedian and TikTok muse John Mulaney tell Stephen Colbert about his Rob Reiner anxiety dream last week but wanted more, great news: The show uploaded another clip over the weekend just for you. Since Colbert couldn’t do a normal “Community Calendar” segment this time around, he invited Mulaney to help him do a special edition for the internet, highlighting a bunch of super-local online events. Included are the Staten Island school that does its own version of The Masked Singer (“It’s perfect for any teacher who likes working from home but misses getting made fun of by students,” Colbert says) and an online goth dance party that promises plenty of “goth gossip” in the chat room. “‘Goth gossip,’ by the way, is what they originally called obituaries,” Colbert notes. “Hey, Stephen, do you wanna hear some real hot goth gossip?” Mulaney asks. “You know Jack Raven, the bassist in that Bauhaus cover band the Gloomy Accountants? Well, I saw him smiling and wearing pastels! And guess where he was? Build-A-Bear Workshop!” Unfortunately, the goth dance party happened on Saturday, so if you didn’t attend, you missed the rest of the gossip. Maybe next time.

John Mulaney and Stephen Colbert Dish Out Some Juicy Gossip