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John Oliver Looked Everywhere and Found Your New Sports Obsession: Marble Racing

With sports on probation until further notice (and The Last Dance just finishing its run), John Oliver wants to revive the country’s morale in the only way he knows how: spending a ridiculous amount of HBO’s money on high-risk investments, like becoming a sponsor for an online marble league in the Netherlands. You wanted sports? This is technically sports and not decades-old reruns on ESPN, so give thanks. On the newest Last Week Tonight, Oliver made the case for why you should fall in love with Jelle’s Marble Runs, a competitive marble-racing league that is, “to put it mildly, absolutely fantastic.” There are intricate relays, water courses, and obstacles for the marbles, as well as its very own commentary team with a legion of passionate fans. (Seriously, the channel has millions of views.) “Nobody to whom we showed this, including non-sports fans, has not ended up wanting to watch more,” Oliver said. “This isn’t just a YouTube distraction. It’s a beautiful, competitive event, and the world needs those more than ever right now.” Just watch for yourself and try not to get a spherical dopamine high.

John Oliver Has Found Your New Sports Obsession: Marbles