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Let Your Next Quarantine Impulse Purchase Be John Oliver’s Stamps

How many sheet masks and potted plants do you need, anyway? On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a break from making America feel shitty about the coronavirus pandemic and instead diverted his energy to the U.S. Postal Service. By his estimation, the service is “about to go broke” in a matter of months unless a few Warren Buffets donate their entire net worths to save the agency. Oliver has a solid plan that you can lick, though. Starting right now, custom USPS stamps that honor the show — and are legitimate stamps for whatever you want to mail — can be purchased right here and feature cute designs such as the otter mascot Chiijohn or the giant squirrel Mr. Nutterbutter or a zebra that directs traffic in Bolivia. “You can buy sheets of these for the next month, and I’d really encourage you to do that,” Oliver explained. “They’re the perfect way to mail a card that supports the USPS in a time of need while also saying I like Last Week Tonight and I forgot Mother’s Day.” Hey, you could do worse for $14.

Let Your Next Impulse Purchase Be John Oliver’s Stamps