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Katy Perry Wears the Silliest Costume to Sing the Most Gut-Wrenching Disney Song

Chances are Katy Perry already had a Mrs. Jumbo and coordinating dog-sized Dumbo costume in her closet ahead of Sunday’s Disney Family Singalong: Volume II, since that is her thing, but it also might be a kind gesture to distract you from the most tear-jerking song in the Disney canon, “Baby Mine,” which is devastating enough, even if you don’t remember the song plays over a sobbing Dumbo visiting his mother in elephant jail while the rest of the circus mothers put their babies to bed. But now you do remember that part, and it is very sad.

But, hey, if that doesn’t tug at your heart-strings, Perry and her pup Nugget are joined in their video by other, equally kind Disney matriarchs, and you know how they tend to fair in the canon. And if that still leaves a dry eye in your house, just picture how many tiny costumes Nugget must have been in throughout his short life to be so completely unfazed by the whole experience. What could he possibly think is going on?

Katy Perry Dons Goofiest Costume to Sing Saddest Disney Song