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Laika Studios Pits Their Stop-motion Creatures Against Each Other In Virtual Fight Challenge

Photo: LAIKA Studios

Stuntwoman Zoë Bell’s virtual Boss Bitch Fight Challenge gave you social distanced thrills earlier this month, now Laika Studios is keeping it going with some stop animation action. The makers of last year’s Missing Link brought their tiny brawlers to life in a new battle video, which they posted to Twitter and TikTok, promising, “No one ever said animating was safe.”

The tiny titular star of Coraline makes a brief cameo, as does a tiny monster from The Box Trolls, while animators utilize Claymation, fruit and a disembodied, moving pair of Missing Link Nike Air Max to turn their studios and apartments into the Thunderdome. Laika’s video might not have Bell’s stable of fighters, including Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Florence Pugh, but on the other hand, it probably didn’t take Florence Pugh weeks of microscopic repositioning to throw hands.

Laika’s Stop-motion Creatures Brawl In New Fight Challenge