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Funny Thing Alert!

He’s good! Photo: lamornemorris/Soundcloud

Sound the alarm that sounds like one of those old-timey horns you squeeze and they go, “aah-oooh-gah!” You know, like The Mask. Aah-oooh-gah! Aah-oooh-gah! Now, shut up, unfunny things, because a funny thing is being talked about. Lamorne Morris, who is best known for playing Winston Bishop on New Girl, has released an album of comedy rap called Lamorning After Pill. I had no idea that Lamorne rapped. But don’t be like me! I want you to learn from my mistakes, so know that he raps.

The album is out today. I have only listened to two songs — “Common Hates Oprah,” which features Common, and “Gary’s House,” which features Andy Samberg and Nick Wells — and I was like This is so funny, but, let me, a generous spirit, wait to listen to the rest and first tell others. Here we are. I don’t know what the weather is like where you’re at, but I think it would be nice to put it on and go for a little walk and have passersby wonder both Why’s that person laughing behind that mask? and I bet it sounds funny when Bane laughs. Well, I’m going to do that now. Walk and listen. Have a good weekend. Love you. Ya gotta laugh!

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Funny Thing Alert!