Love Island U.K. Pushes Season to 2021, Says Quarantining on a Tropical Island Doesn’t Count

That’s not six feet. Photo: CBS

Looks like no one’s going to spend their summer quarantining in the villa. Love Island U.K., a show about forcing a bunch of single people to be stuck in one place and seeing what happens, is postponing its summer 2020 season and will shoot in 2021 due to social-distancing restrictions, Deadline reports. “What signal might it be sending out if we’re doing a show where everybody’s crammed together slathering over each other and the rest of the world can’t go near anyone in the park?” said Kevin Lygo, ITV’s director of television. “I’m a bit uneasy about that.” The U.K. network also thought about moving the show from the Mediterranean to Cornwall but decided it just wouldn’t be the same. You could replace it with that Too Hot to Handle binge you were putting off, or maybe just wait for the American version of Love Island instead: Industry sources tell Vulture that CBS is still planning to move forward with season two when the time is right, and the network is exploring other shooting locations, including domestic ones.

Additional reporting by Josef Adalian.

Love Island UK Pushes Season, Says No to Quarantine Coupling