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Watch the Very Cute Love, Victor Trailer That Was Somehow Too Much for Disney+

Time to see what all that fuss was about. The trailer for Love, Victor, the TV followup to gay rom-com Love, Simon, dropped today, after the show was notoriously passed from Disney+ to Hulu earlier this year, due its “adult themes” that didn’t fit in on the family-oriented streaming service. A first-look clip from April just featured some classic coffee-shop flirting, nothing you wouldn’t find in a Disney Channel Original Movie. As for the trailer? Here’s a rundown of all the moments we think were just too dirty for Disney+.

1. One of Victor’s friends yells, “Take your shirt off!” at his (presumed) crush Benji.
“What, we were all thinking it?” she adds after a boy gives her a judgy look.

And that’s the list! Otherwise, the show — starring Michael Cimino as the titular Victor and written by the team behind Love, Simon — looks like the sort of sweet high-school series you’d find on the Disney Channel. Except, of course, it’s gay. When Victor moves from Texas to Atlanta, he’s confronted with pretty girls and boys at his new high school, leading him to question his sexuality and start emailing Love, Simon’s Simon to ask how he figured it all out. Nick Robinson’s Simon is the unseen narrator of the series, which takes place in the same universe of the movie. Meanwhile, Keiynan Lonsdale, who played Simon’s eventual boyfriend Bram in the movie, pops up for a second at the end of the trailer. See what other scandalous details the show has in store when Love, Victor hits Hulu on June 19.

Disney+ Could Never Handle Hulu’s Dirty Love, Victor Trailer