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Martin Short Stops by SNL to Tell You About His Fabulous Quarantine Vacay in Italy

You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans absolutely do not want you to do. Martin Short stopped by Saturday Night Live last night alongside Heidi Gardner as Ripley and Deidre, a world-traveling couple who isn’t going to let a lil’ global pandemic throw a wrench into their beautiful Italian vacation. “Oh, the food, the people, the wine,” they gush. “We saw none of it!”

And what’s the best way to cap off a delicious quarantine trip to a completely vacant Milan? Why, a relaxing cruise, the perfect place to kick back and misappropriate personal protective equipment. Something to think about for your next international holiday, which will likely be sometime in 2025, thanks to people like this.

Martin Short Stops by SNL to Rave About His Quarantine Vacay