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Space Force Trailer: Space Is Hard, That’s What Steve Carrell Said

What if The Office were set in space, but only kind of, and not really? Netflix has blasted off and debuted the official trailer for Space Force, which reunites Steve Carell and his former Office showrunner, Greg Daniels, in yet another workplace setting that puts the fun in dysfunction: a newly formed sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Space Force, because our president wants to completely militarize everything over Earth’s hemisphere. (Which is far more real than fiction.) Carell’s general is pissed that he wasn’t offered to run the Air Force instead, but still, he’s a good sport about it — even if it means getting heatstroke in a lunar-habitat suit or accidentally blowing up rocket prototypes that cost as much as “four new middle schools.” No worries — let’s get some people on the moon! Lisa Kudrow, Ben Schwartz, and John Malkovich also star, with all ten episodes premiering on May 29.

Space Force Trailer: Space Is Hard, That’s What He Said