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New Mutants Absolutely Refuses to Die, Sets August Release Date

New Mutants. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

In these trying times, it can be comforting to see the return of old rituals: walks in the park, backyard grilling, New Mutants receiving another new release date. Variety reports that the project, which is less a movie and more a conceptual art piece about the absurdities of modern franchise filmmaking, has now been slated for an August 28 opening — the fifth separate release date for the misbegotten teen-superhero movie. New Mutants was originally set to premiere on April 13, 2018 (which to give a sense of perspective was also the day the Dwayne Johnson vehicle Rampage came out) as part of Fox’s planned series of X-Men spinoffs. It was then pushed back to February 22, 2019, in order to accommodate reshoots meant to ensure the movie matched its horror-tinged trailer. It was then delayed an additional six months to August 2019, as reports swirled that the studio wanted half the film to be re-shot. Once Disney acquired Fox, New Mutants was bumped again to April 2020, at which point the definitively star-crossed film was removed from the schedule entirely due to the coronavirus crisis. Now Disney has brought it back from the dead; in one final wrinkle, it appears that the long-rumored reshoots never actually happened, in part because the young cast had aged too much since production began in 2017.

To go with its new release date, the film has received a new poster as well, a nice addition to the collection:

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New Mutants Refuses to Die, Sets August Release Date