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Guess Who Wasn’t at Lance Bass’s *NSYNC-o de Mayo Birthday Bash?

Photo: Lance Bass/Instagram

They all said hi, hi, hi to each other. Lance Bass’s virtual birthday party served as an always-welcome (and seemingly always 80 percent) *NSYNC reunion this week, with Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez showing up for their boy in their sombreros and Star Wars sweatshirts. Bass looked happy as a clam that his “fellas” made the *NSYNC-o de Mayo bash a reality. Any talk about their other bandmate, who once famously banned two of them from his wedding, was nonexistent. “It took everything in my power,” Kirkpatrick noted, “not to blow this secret.” You can celebrate yourself with a piñata full of imaginary Rolexes, a side of smooth tequila, cactus bowls, and speculating about JT’s marriage. What? Too harsh? He can’t defend himself if he didn’t show up.

Guess Who Wasn’t at Lance Bass’s *NSYNC-o de Mayo Birthday?