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Paul F. Tompkins Celebrates the Rich History of the Great Indoors on The Late Show

Beloved comedian, podcast superstar, jingle master, and self-described “man who dresses like a professor” Paul F. Tompkins (remotely) dropped by last night’s Late Show to star in a quick segment designed to make us all feel slightly less depressed about being stuck inside. PFT’s “Great Moments in Indoor History” is a reminder that, while we might all feel like useless slobs as we’re trapped indoors right now, the truth is that we’re really just existing in one of the most productive spaces of human history. The first game ever played in the Houston Astrodome? Indoors! The signing of the Declaration of Independence? Indoors! The first man on the moon? Technically, indoors! “I know what you’re thinking: The moon is outside!” Tompkins says. “But remember: He was inside a suit, so technically indoors … It works!” Maybe this segment will inspire people out there to make some indoors history of their own today. I am considering cleaning out my junk drawer for the first time ever, but I have yet to make a final decision.

Paul F. Tompkins Celebrates the Rich History of the Indoors