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Just When You Thought You Were Tired of Drag Race, Here’s an All Stars 5 Twist

After four straight (…) weeks of 3.5-hour Drag Race binges, you could use a break. But gurl, that’s one thing RuPaul won’t serve you. Fresh off the momentum of the four-episode run of Secret Celebrity Drag Race and the announcement of a remote finale for Drag Race season 12, Ru dropped the trailer for All Stars 5. The series begins on June 5, the week after the season 12 finale, with all of your favorite queens who haven’t done All Stars yet — and even a few who have. And because things in the Drag Race universe are only getting more lawless, the trailer also reveals a shocking twist: Rather than having the top two queens lip-sync for their legacies each week, queens will lip-sync for their legacies against past lip-sync assassins. If this gives us another Alyssa Edwards performance, we’re here for it. The trailer also reveals guest judges including Jane Krakowski, Bebe Rexha, Tessa Thompson, Sarah Hyland, and Celebrity Drag Race competitor Madison Beer, with Ricky Martin kicking off the first episode. Time to replenish your vodka supplies, because quarantine Drag Race is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

The All Stars 5 Twist Will Keep You on Your Drag Race Toes